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Thank you for the many visiting our stand at the exhibition EDURA 2014 in Kielce. We are delighted that we were able to meet with you! Below is a brief photo story of this event :).
On May 4th we celebrate "Fireman Day" celebration of those who perform dangerous, full of risks, but also in its own way beautiful service. On this occasion we would like to wish.
We invite you to like our fan page, where you will find information about us, about what's new in sales presentations fire fighting equipment and rescue and many other interesting news.
Join us and be with us on a regular basis, you're welcome!  
We praudly present our new logo!
We are with you over 20 years now and going through constant development and business evolution we are assuring the best market offer connected with the best quality support. Our logo is changing together with us! It alludes to former company sign, which accompanied us through all of past years, and in the same time shows contemporary nature of Supron 1 today.
Welcome on the new web page!
Together with a new look the page brings to us new functionality and better information access. We trully hope that it will meet your expectations and let you fast and deeply get the knowledge about rescue, health & safety and fire equipment which is offered by Supron1.