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Privacy policy 

Company P.P.U.H. Supron1 Spółka Jawna Zenon Piasny, Zygmunt Czarnota guarantee the safety of personal data which it is entrusted . We utilize security on our website has been designed to ensure maximum safety data available .

1. What is anonymous website visitor ?
Internet users visiting our site remain anonymous to the point where they decide to disclose their data. This can be done by subscribing to a newsletter or register on the site , allowing access to the resources. Information for visitors , located in the server log files (eg, IP address ) may be used for technical purposes, if necessary. They are not shared with third parties or used for illegal activities in Poland .

2. Website statistics page has statistics service unavailable to Internet users.On the basis of data on the traffic on the site, the company P.P.U.H. Supron1 Spółka Jawna Zenon Piasny, Zygmunt Czarnota prepares periodic reports. They are not disclosed to third parties. Statistical statements do not contain personally identifiable data and Internet users visiting service.

3.What is the cookies ?
Cookies are small text files from the web pages stored by your web browser on the site. The information contained in cookies may be used only by the website , from which they were sent. Cookies make that action the page is easier and faster , allow you to customize the content and advertising available .

4. Acceptance of cookies
As of 22 March 2013, entered into force a change in the Telecommunications Act implementing the recommendations of the Article . 5 Directive 2002/58/EC of the European privacy .Kontunuacja continued use of this website requires your consent associated with cookies to our site via your web browser places on your computer . It is a common practice and apply virtually any web page. The differences are , however, on the contents of cookies because these files can collect various data .Files from the website , record the IP address and browsing history page in the session.The lifetime of a cookie ends when the user exits from the , after turning off the browser and on the site create a new cookie file .Page system also uses Google Analytics traffic Aliza , who also may use cookies for statistical purposes.None of the types of cookies on the does not collect any information other than described above.
Consent is done by closing the banner that appears to you only once, when you first enter the next page , at the bottom of the screen.You may refuse to allow the use of cookies via your browser settings . Depending on your browser, can be accessed also specify more detailed conditions for the storage of cookies , for example, by blocking only cookies used by , blocking only certain cookies, or delete individual cookies that are already stored in the the user device . If the user's browser accepts cookies set , you consent to the use of these cookies in accordance with the above provisions . No permission to use cookies may cause some of the functionality of the page will not work properly or stop working .

5. Suggestions and Comments
We are open to all suggestions and comments about the operation of our site . If they arise , we will be happy in those judgments . We hope that the use of the site allow Internet users to become more familiar with the company's offer P.P.U.H. Supron1 Spółka Jawna Zenon Piasny, Zygmunt Czarnota and thus achieve measurable benefits . Any suggestions and comments on the website please contact the administrator at the following email address :
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 icontel. 0048 32 645 52 22 internal 33